Arab countries demand to deprive Qatar of the right to host the World Cup

Six Arab countries require FIFA to deprive Qatar FM-2022, referring to security problems for fans

Six Arab countries, which reduced their ties with Qatar last month, require the International Football Federation (FIFA) to postpone the 2022 World Cup from Qatar.

The corresponding message they sent to the leadership of FIFA, reports Reuters. According to the agency, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt applied to the International Federation with a written request.

In the letter, they insist that Qatar will not be able to hold the World Cup at the proper level and ensure the safety of fans, since it is the “terrorist base”.

Six countries threatened to boycott the tournament if the FIFA did not meet their demands. “These countries have warned the FIFA about the risks for fans and players in Qatar,” said the head of the football federation Gianni Infantino. Earlier, Qatar stated that the crisis in the Persian Gulf did not affect preparations for the World Cup in 2022.