Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world

Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world

Founder and CEO of Inc. Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world, having bypassed the former head of Microsoft Bill Gates, thanks to the growth of the value of shares of his company, reports Bloomberg.

B. Gates occupied the first line of the index of billionaires from 2013.

Quotes of Amazon securities grow during trades on Thursday by 1.2%, and the state of J. Bezos, owning 17% of the company’s shares, increased by more than $ 1 billion and exceeded $ 90 billion.

Shares of Amazon rise in price in anticipation of quarterly statements of the company, which will be made public after the market closes. Analysts forecast revenue growth of the company by 22%, to $ 37.2 billion and profit of $ 1.42 per share.

Since the beginning of the year, Amazon’s capitalization has grown by more than 40%, to $ 503.2 billion.