At the border, five Ukrainians were turned back, over a thousand missed without visas

There are only five refusals to Ukrainians at the entrance, and all of them are due to obvious violations of the rules of crossing the border. But positive examples, when they missed without a visa with a biometric passport, already more than a thousand

By 3 o’clock on Sunday, the first day of the visa-free regime with the EU, 1.1 thousand Ukrainians crossed the border with the EU countries and the Schengen zone in a visa-free regime, that is, without visas in passports, the State Border Service reported. It is clear that all these people had biometric passports.

“It is worth noting that almost 28,000 people have crossed the border today, of which about 7,000 are citizens with biometric passports,” the website of the agency said.

They refused to enter the five Ukrainians for the simplest reasons of violation of the rules of crossing the border (information at 15.00), the Foreign Ministry reported.

One of them showed the border guards at the entrance to Romania an old passport (not biometric). For such you can go only if there is a visa. In this case, the person did not have a visa.

Did not miss the child who was traveling with his parents. He had a regular passport and also without a visa, although his parents – biometric.

Three citizens were deployed, as they were barred from entering the EU because of the excess of their stay in previous trips. One tried to enter Poland, and two – to Slovakia.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the consuls of Ukraine are working around the clock in all land checkpoints with the EU countries, as well as in airports of capitals and other cities of EU countries.

Experts from the European Agency for Border Guard and Coast Guard FRONTEX, representing the Czech Republic, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and Lithuania, provide consultative support to the staff of the State Border Service of Ukraine in the liberalization of the visa regime at aviation and automobile checkpoints.

From now on, all citizens of Ukraine with a biometric passport can visit 30 European countries without visas and stay there for up to 90 days for 180 days, namely all EU member states except Great Britain and Ireland, as well as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway .