In Britain, parliamentary elections began

In the elections to the Parliament of the UK will elect 650 members

On Thursday, June 8, residents of the UK will choose new members of parliament.

Voting will begin at 7 am local time (at 9:00 am Kyiv time) at more than 40,000 polling stations throughout the country, according to the New Times referring to the BBC Ukraine.

The voting will end at 22:00 local time. After that, the vote count will begin.

Some of the winners will be announced at midnight, and the final results should be expected on Friday afternoon.

The election will elect 650 members of parliament.

A total of 46.9 million voters were registered in Great Britain.

Previous parliamentary elections were held in 2015. Elections in 2017 and extraordinary will take place three years ahead of the deadline.

In order to form a majority in the House of Commons, one party must win 326 seats.

According to the YouGov poll, Conservative Party of Premier Teresa May will receive 305 seats. Thus, if this forecast is realized, the conservatives lack 21 deputies to form an absolute majority.

The opposition Labor Party, most likely, will get 268 seats in the parliament.