China accused the United States of violating sovereignty

The Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to the US destroyer’s move to a disputed water area in the South China Sea
In China, the “serious military and political provocation” and the violation of the sovereignty of the country are considered by the US destroyer on Sunday, July 2, in the waters of the controversial archipelago Sich in the South China Sea, which Beijing regards as its own territories. This is stated in a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

“The United States, once under the banner of” Freedom of Navigation, “once again sent a warship that, without permission, entered the Paracelian territorial waters (Sicha Archipelago) in violation of the Chinese laws violating the relevant norms of international law, grossly violating China’s sovereignty, undermining peace and security in These waters “, – the message says.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that China had sent warships and fighters to make a warning to a destroyer.

Note that on Sunday, July 2, USS Stethem, an American destroyer, traveled 12 nautical miles to the Chongjingdao Island of the Sich archipelago. In a CNN comment, a US military spokesman said that the ship demonstrated its “freedom of navigation” by its actions.

Let’s remind, China has urged the USA to cancel the agreement on sale of the Taiwanese american weapon for $ 1.42 billion which, in the opinion of the Chinese government, can heat up separatist sentiments on the island.