A direct line with Putin. About new US sanctions

The President of Russia believes that the new sanctions , Which the US can introduce against the Kremlin for its likely interference in the 2016 election campaign, arose “from scratch.”

New sanctions against Russia that the US can introduce have emerged from scratch and are evidence of domestic political struggle in the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the annual television air show ” Direct Line “with citizens of your country on Thursday, June 15th. “Now we know that a bill has come up again in the US Senate about the tightening of these sanctions, by the way, why? Nothing extraordinary is happening,” Interfax news agency quoted Putin as saying.
In the United States, the reason for imposing additional fines against Russia, which the US Senate already supported, is attributed to the Kremlin’s likely intervention in the US 2016 election campaign. Special services conduct appropriate investigations into relations with Moscow regarding the former adviser Trump Michael Flynn. Investigation in connection with the “Russian scam” is, probably, even personally against the winner of the election, the current president, Donald Trump.

Russia is ready to lift sanctions against Western countries
Commenting on Western sanctions that have been in force for more than three years, Putin also said that Russia is ready to lift restrictive measures against Western countries if the West abolishes sanctions against Russia.

He acknowledged that the sanctions affected the Russian economy. “Cardinally or not? I do not think so.” The world situation and the decline in prices for our traditional goods: oil, gas, metallurgy, chemicals, etc., are more reflective, “the head of the Russian Federation asserts.

Putin referred to UN estimates, according to which, according to him, Russia lost $ 50 to 52 billion due to sanctions, and $ 100 billion from the West.