Donald Trump no longer supports the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

During meetings with EU leaders this week, the president of the United States Trump expressed concern about the impact that the UK’s exit from The EU for jobs in the US, according to The Guardian, referring to an unnamed source in the EU.

Trump, who was previously “Mr. Brexit”, is now concerned about jobs in the US, “Andrew Strolein of Human Rights Watch writes on Twitter.
Similar concerns were also expressed by the Eastern European member states of the EU – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, who are now seeking a soft version of the UK’s separation from Europe, hoping that this will protect the rights of millions of Eastern Europeans , Which work there.

“Our goal is for European organizations not to agree on how to punish Britain,” said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto. He stressed the need to cooperate with the UK, and “to ensure that EU citizens who work and study in the UK are protected by the law.”
“In Poland, there is no bad attitude to the decision of Britain,” said the head of the Cabinet of the President of Poland Krzysztof Schersky in an interview with Reuters.
Budapest is trying to achieve a common position of the Visegrad Four (B4) in order to ensure “the closest cooperation with Britain on trade and economy” after Brexit said Siyarto. Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka agreed that “B4 can pick up the UK’s position, for example, on access to the EU internal market, without creating barriers.”

“We will support this only if the issue of the rights of our citizens in the UK is resolved, as well as the question of the contribution of Britain to the EU budget,” Sobotka added, Reuters reported.
In the next month, the EU plans to begin negotiations on the fulfillment of obligations undertaken by the UK within the EU, and to provide the UK with an estimate of such obligations, Reuters reports.