The EU issued a decree on visa-free with Ukraine

Since the publication of the document must undergo 20 days, after which the final visa-free regime enters into force. This date falls on June 11, 2017.

The official list of the European Union in ponedilok, 22 herbs, oprylyudniv legislatorov rozporyadzhennya pro zavozvadzhennya bezvizovogo regimen for gromadyane Ukraini. At the time of oprylyudennny before nabutty chinnosti bezvizovim regime to be guilty of 20 days to go to the document. By such rank, the gromady of Ukraine, you can rush to the edge of the European Union for the new rules, starting with the 11th chernavnya. Tako rules stosuvatimutsya lishe vlasnikov bіometricheskikh pasportіv ta not poshyruvatimsya na kraїni, yaki do not enter the Schengen zone, zokrem, Great Britain. Vodnochas without visi vrazhntsi zmozhut v’zhdzhati takozh in інші країни Шенгену, що members ЄС not є, zokrema, Swiss, Norway and Ісландії.

The deputies of the European Parliament were condemned to the crime of 6th quarter of 2017. Після цього Рада Європейського Soyuza formally solidified the riddle about the free-for-all regime for the Ukrainians on the 11th herb.
17 travnya head of the European Parliament Anthony Taiani that the head of the head in the union in the capital of Malta signed the law on the order of the visa-free regime for the citizens of Ukraine. The cleanup of the ceremony in Strasbourg became an unavoidable procedure for the formal seizure of visa for liberalization for Ukrainians.