The EU will impose sanctions against Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary for the refusal of refugees

The European Union will take legal action against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for not implementing the recommendations on the resettlement of refugees, the EU authorities reported.

Despite the great success in relocating refugees across the EU in order to reduce the burden for countries such as Greece, the European Commission stated that the three countries had either not resettled any refugees , Or refused to do so.

“Unfortunately, despite these appeals, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, violating legal obligations arising from decisions and commitments regarding Greece, Italy and other member countries, they are not Have taken the necessary actions, “the European Commission said in a statement.

“Against this background, as indicated in the previously released refugee resettlement report, the Commission decided to initiate appropriate procedures against these three countries.”
Named three countries have 24 hours to commit themselves to accepting refugees.

The plan for the resettlement of 160,000 refugees, now predominantly in Greece and Italy, throughout the European Union was agreed in September 2015.
However, the Czech Republic and Poland rejected on Tuesday the proposal on the period during which this obligation should be incurred.

Bohuslav Sobotka, Czech Prime Minister immediately responded by saying in an e-mail that the European Commission blindly introduces “impractical quotas” that in reality do not help in resolving the crisis with migrants.

“Poland is ready to defend its position before the International Court of Justice,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Shimansky, warning that the commission’s actions “can deepen divides into the EU.”

In an annex to the agreement of 2015, the European Union signed an agreement with Turkey last March to slow the flow of migrants from the Middle East and Asia to Greece, in exchange for aid by six billion Dollars.