How the European Commission will punish Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary for refusing to accommodate refugees

In Brussels, they decided to start a procedure for violating rights in relation to Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. If the leadership of these countries refuses to respond to the recommendations of the European Commission, then this may end with the European Court of Justice
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The European Commission on Tuesday decided to launch a procedure that could lead to the imposition of sanctions against the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in connection with the violation by the authorities of these countries of arrangements for the distribution of refugees in Italy and Greece across the EU, the EC communiqu?

The European Commission notes that over the past few months it “repeatedly reminded those member states that have not yet hosted a single person or promised to accept them, to do so.”

“Unfortunately, despite repeated appeals, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, while violating the legal obligations stemming from the decisions of the council, and their obligations to Greece, Italy and other member countries, have not yet taken the necessary actions. In the previous report on relocation and resettlement, the commission decided to launch procedures to prevent violations against these three member countries, “the statement said.

The procedure for preventing violations takes place in several stages. If the commission believes that a member country is violating the norms of the European Union, it will notify the country of its claims by an official letter.

If the EU Member State does not give a satisfactory answer, the commission shall issue a reasoned opinion on this matter. Then, if the state does not bring its policy in line with this conclusion within the timeframe established by the EC, the latter may apply to the EU Court.

European Commissioner for Migration, Internal Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos said in mid-May that the European Commission intends in June to threaten Poland and Hungary with sanctions if they do not begin to receive refugees who have found themselves in Italy and Greece within a month.

In September 2015, the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the EU decided to settle by a majority of votes in 23 out of 28 countries of the community, in addition to the previously agreed upon 40 thousand asylum seekers, another 120,000 refugees in the territory of the European Union.