European press about the G7 summit and Donald Trump

The results of Donald Trump’s first foreign trip, where he took part in the summits NATO and the G-7, are vividly discussed in the European and American press.

The European and American press animatedly comments on the results of the first foreign trip of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump, within the framework of which he took part in the summit of the G7 leaders on May 26-27 in the Sicilian city of Taormina, as well as the meetings of the NATO leaders on May 25.

“Strict” evaluation of Trump’s visit – from Merkel’s lips

The media paid special attention to the acute statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) after the meetings with Trump. She stressed that Washington can no longer rely on . The Italian edition of La Repubblica notes the openness of Merkel’s assessment of Trump’s behavior: “Given the behavior of American President Merkel spoke frankly.”

“The times when we could completely rely on each other are already a little behind, I was convinced of this for the last few days,” she said, speaking of the polemic with Trump in during his first trip to Europe – the NATO summit in Brussels, the Group of Seven in Sicily. And it is no coincidence that the chancellor repeated the phrase she said earlier when Trump arrived: “We Europeans really have to make their own destiny in their own hands.” This is an unusually harsh rhetoric for a leader of Christian democrats, who is usually inclined to adhere to peace-loving and restrained assessments. ”
The American The Washington Post calls Merkel’s statement “the toughest” in assessing Trump’s visit to Europe: “This was a very harsh statement of the usually cautious leader of the most powerful economy Europe and a gloomy assessment of the transatlantic ties that supported Western security after World War 2. Although relations between Washington and Europe were strained after 1945, before Trump, European leaders rarely had such a strong urge to turn their backs on Washington and prepare to interact with il yourself. ” According to the assessment of the publication, Merkel’s statements “may be a signal that the distance from the , which is likely to survive Trump’s stay in power and could weaken the US position in the world for a long time. ” “European leaders are developing plans to deepen military cooperation regardless of the United States, and they are also linking up with the economic partners in Asia that Trump pushed away, all of which will have consequences that will last for years,” states The Washington Post.

Changing tones and destroying dreams

The Berlin Tagesspiegel newspaper notes that after the G7 summit, Chancellor Merkel moved away from the US president: “Of course, this is a bit of a pre-election struggle.” The Social Democratic Party Germany made Trump a negative hero of the election campaign, and Merkel also does not want to get stuck with him, but her words are noteworthy, since during her last months she could hear, first of all, calm tones. Even after the cold first meeting Chancellor with Donald Trump in Washington In March, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert tried to focus on the positive: in Germany it was believed that Trump surrounded himself with rationally thinking people, such as Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, and thus created the illusion of At least some sort of control. “This dream collapsed.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung recalls: “Previous US presidents and seconds did not doubt to persistently defend their country’s interests or what they believed. The impression that Trump wants to prove that everyone who caricatured him as a destroyer of the world order was right, for Europeans this is a bitter experience. ”
The liberal Danish newspaper Politiken also sharply assesses Trump’s trip to Europe and the Middle East. “During the G7 meeting, Trump only confirmed that he lacked leadership by delaying the implementation of the United States in the framework of the global climate agreements in Paris.” Trump’s trip to the Middle East and Europe tripled all the illusions that he might be the best Than they feared, he is just as bad as they were afraid, “the newspaper writes.

“A strong couple” Merkel and Macron and chances for Europe
“Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung sees in this situation the chances for Europe:” Europe must arrogantly and without hesitation develop its own strategy, launch its own initiatives and conduct its own negotiations For example, with China – about climate protection, or with Russia – about security. “It seems that Donald Trump has decided to continue to lead his country into isolation.” Let it be, one way or another, do not expect US citizens to unquestioningly support this course. “

The Paris Libération commented on the tandem of French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in their communication with US President Donald Trump. “Makron skillfully shakes hands with Trump, attracts attention and cares about friendship, the diplomatic ballet that he performed with Merkel shows skill.” It seems that both European partners are ready to form a really strong pair. ” Young beginner Makron suggested Trump in the issue of climate exit with the ability to save face, while Merkel reminded Trump of the harsh reality. This week we will see if Trump will take a hand outstretched for the sake of mutual interests. “