Hackers accused the US of hacking the interbank SWIFT system

Hackers from the group calling themselves Shadow Brokers published “Shadow Brokers” files and documents showing that the US National Security Agency could gain unauthorized access to the financial information exchange network between SWIFT banks
According to data published by hackers, the authenticity of which has not yet been established, experts of the NSA, using some vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, could monitor the movement of money between banks – mainly in the Middle East and Latin America.

However, in SWIFT, headquartered in Belgium, they stated that they do not have data on cases of unauthorized access to the network.

“We have no data that would talk about unauthorized access to our system,” the SWIFT statement said.

The US National Security Agency has not yet commented on the publication of data from hackers from Shadow Brokers.

According to data published by the hackers, the NSA penetrated into the systems of two SWIFT service offices, including the EastNets office in Dubai, which specializes in combating money laundering and financial services.

If this is true, the NSA could control transactions involving banks and other financial institutions in many countries of the Middle East. However, EastNets also deny unauthorized access to the network.

Nevertheless, many experts believe that the data published by hackers are trustworthy. Mustafa Bassam, a researcher at University College London, believes the information released by hackers is proof that the NSA “hacked the computers of a large number of banks, oil and investment companies in Palestine, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries.”

Chris Thomas, an expert on cyber security from Tenable, told Reuters that documents and files published by Shadow Brokers indicate that the NSA, having access to SWIFT, could theoretically not only monitor financial flows, but also interfere with financial transactions , Carried out by terrorist groups.