Director of International Relations of the Iranian National Gas Company (NIGC) Azizollah Ramezani said in an interview with Natural Gas Europe that Iran aims to gain 10% of the gas market in the world.

In his opinion, in the next four years the Islamic Republic is going to increase gas production to the level of 1.1 billion cubic meters. Meters per day as a result of the development of the world’s largest “South Pars” deposit. Iran should change the approach from domestic consumption to foreign trade. To date, the share of Iran in the world gas market is extremely small, despite significant reserves, Ramezani said.

Iran currently exports 55 million cubic meters. Meters of gas per day. In 2016, exports will grow by 18%. Also, after the lifting of sanctions and with the return of international investors, it is planned to resume the implementation of the project of the LNG plant in Assalue. Beginning of supplies of liquefied gas is planned in 2.5 years, Ramezani said.
In the next three years, Iran plans to build a gas pipeline to Pakistan and Oman, and after their completion – the construction of a pipeline length of 1800 km to Turkey. From Turkey, gas will be supplied to Europe, where it will compete with Gazprom’s fuel.

Although, according to experts, Iran will have few advantages and it will be quite difficult for it to compete in Europe. By costs, Iranian gas will not be cheaper than Russia’s, but much will depend on Western countries and their desire to invest in Iran’s projects. But it is quite possible for Iran to occupy 5-7% of the LNG market.
Russia in 2014 produced 640.3 billion cubic meters. Meters of gas, of which 444 billion is Gazprom’s share. The export amounted to 191.5 billion cubic meters. Meters, of which 146.6 billion cubic meters. Was delivered to Europe, 44.857 billion cubic meters. – to the countries of the former USSR. According to forecasts, by 2018 gas supplies to non-CIS countries will increase to 184 billion cubic meters.