Italy asks for help from the EU to overcome the influx of refugees

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minnity called on the countries of the European Union to solidarity in overcoming the refugee crisis, as Rome is on the verge of its abilities.

Italy calls on the EU countries to provide more support in overcoming the crisis of refugees. Italy’s Minister of the Interior, Marko Minneti, said that boats with rescued refugees in the Mediterranean would in future be sent to other countries, not just Italy.

He noted that as a pro-European politician would be proud if at least one of the boats rescued by the Italian coast were taken by illegal migrants in a port of any other country. “Although this would not solve the problem of Italy, however, it would be an outstanding signal”, – cites the Minister’s edition of Il Messaggero on Sunday, July 2.

In addition to the Italian coast guard, the ships of the EU mission Sofia and the European agency for the protection of the borders of Frontex take part in the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean, Minnenti has noted. “If the only ports to which the refugees deliver are Italian, something is wrong here,” he emphasized.

Minnie also called for better protection of the borders of Libya, since it is from this country that 97 percent of North African refugees leave for Europe.

As the dpa agency reports, over the past week more than 10,000 refugees who attempted to enter Italy were rescued in the Mediterranean.

Earlier on Sunday, 2 July, the intensification of Italy’s international assistance was due to an increase in the flow of refugees and called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi.