Medreforma will be accepted until the end of the month

Ministry of Health together with MPs from BCP have developed a new package of bills on medical reform in Ukraine
The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will submit to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration two finalized draft laws on medical reform.

“Already today we are submitting two draft laws (# 6327, 6327) to the Verkhovna Rada, I hope that they will be put on the agenda on Tuesday (June 6), I think that on Wednesday we will start working on them in committees,” she said. .about. Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun.

In his turn, Deputy Chairman of the BDP faction Sergei Berezenko said: “We hope that the bill will be voted on the shortened procedure on June 8. Further, in 2 weeks – on June 22 they will be adopted as a basis and as a whole,” Berezenko said. .

Berezenko also noted that these bills will help start the reform of the primary health care system:

The principle of financing the medical system will change. Pay will be not a bed, but a service that was provided to the patient
The salary of doctors will grow to 10 – 23 thousand UAH
A doctor can become a private entrepreneur, while he will pay a single social contribution
Establishment of the National Health Service
At the beginning of the reform, $ 110 will be allocated from the budget for the treatment of each patient per year. After 5 years, one patient a year is planned to spend $ 220 on treatment
Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health Olga Bogomolets explained how the new text of the bill differs from the previous one.

“Yesterday, a new text was submitted, which we have been finalized.There are still some problems in this new text that we agreed on at this working group and I hope that in the new text of the bill, the issues of funding and state guarantees for the treatment of patients with Tuberculosis, which are not taken into account in this bill.Mentually ill patients who are more than 1.5 million in the state will be reflected in the new project and state guarantees for the vaccination of children.The rights of pregnant women for childbirth will be protected, Said Bogomolets.

Also, the Ministry of Health and the deputies agreed that new laws will prescribe new rules for the game for the National Health Service. “The newly created body, which will be the purchasing agency, performed all functions in the previous version of the draft law (ordering services, paying for them, and monitoring the services provided.) We propose to separate the functions of payment and quality control of services,” added Bogomolets.

In addition, the issue of insurance is excluded from the draft laws. As explained by Olga Bogomolets, this issue should be considered separately. “Now in BP lies three bills that offer three different models of insurance medicine.I think that we will be able to combine them into one.The insurance bills will solve the problem of joint payment proposed by the Ministry of Health, namely, determine the mechanism of co-payment,” – She finished.

The implementation dates of the reform have also changed, and the possibility of pilot implementation has been added.

For his part, the spokesman for the National Reform Council, Dmitry Shimkiv, noted that President Petro Poroshenko initiated the development of legislation to provide high-quality medical care in the villages.

“On my instructions, a corresponding draft law has been drafted that provides qualitatively new rules for medical assistance in the countryside using modern technologies,” the Head of State said at a meeting of the National Reform Council. He added that the bills proposed by the Ministry of Health clearly prescribe the rules of the game for doctors and patients in the city, create competition in the market, but for the countryside such rules will not work.

Petro Poroshenko noted that now in rural areas, unfortunately, a low level of medicine. “Often there is not even a feldsher-midwife point, and if it is, it is almost impossible to get medical aid there,” the President said, noting that in the city the patients have the opportunity to choose not only a doctor but also a medical institution, in villages more often There is a shortage of doctors in general.

The Head of State also insisted that the head of the National Health Service be elected at an open competition.

Recall that at the moment in the BP registered 4 bills, which relate to medical reform. On May 18, 2017, at a plenary meeting on Thursday, the deputies decided not to consider bills on state financial guarantees for providing medical assistance and provision of medicines (No. 6327), additional financial guarantees for providing medical assistance and medicines to persons defending Ukraine’s independence in the ATU zone (No. 6328), On amending the Budget Code (No. 6329), as well as on amending the Law on Public Procurement.

“The draft laws submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers were to develop and continue those first steps towards the reforms we made in this room (Law No. 2309-d on the autonomization of clinics). Unfortunately, these laws will not be held in the hall today in the existing form. As there is no opportunity to introduce alternative (draft laws), we will just be overwhelmed by the inclusion of these important laws on the agenda, “said Sergei Berezenko, deputy head of the parliamentary faction” Bloc Petro Poroshenko “.

He proposed the creation of a working group, which will amend the draft laws until June 6.

Previously acting. Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun repeatedly noted that if these bills are not adopted before the end of May, the health care reform will be postponed until 2021-2022. A number of patients’ organizations, in particular “Patients of Ukraine”, as well as the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, were repeatedly called upon to approve a package of bills on medreform.