The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to Vashchikovsky’s statements about Bandera

Disappointment, regret, pointing out the incorrectness … So the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine reacted to the offensive statements of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland addressed to our country
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment to the Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Peklo in connection with the recent statements by Polish Foreign Minister Vitold Vashchikovsky regarding Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the Polish ambassador was invited to them in connection with Vashchikovsky’s statements on Ukraine in an interview with wSieci.

“During the meeting, the Polish diplomat noted that Ukraine was disappointed with the recent statements by the head of the Polish foreign ministry regarding our state against the backdrop of continuing active dialogue at a high level,” the report said.

The Foreign Ministry notes that Ukraine and Poland should work together to build a common European future, “and not to put each other conditions.”

“For Ukraine, the European choice is not only foreign policy, but also a daily bloody struggle and painstaking hard work,” the commentary says.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine drew attention to the incorrectness of the statements of Minister Vashikovskiy on the situation in the East of Ukraine.

“It was noted that it is the Ukrainian people who pay a very high price – the price of hundreds of lives of their best representatives for independence, for the civilizational choice of development, and also for preventing Russian troops from entering the territory of Poland and other EU countries,” the Foreign Ministry stressed. .

Also, Kiev drew attention to the need for a more restrained approach of the Polish politician to sensitive historical issues. “Mention has been made of repeated appeals not to politicize the sensitive pages of the joint historical past, which can be used by a third party to the detriment of the interests of Ukraine and Poland,” the commentary says.

Also, the Ukrainian side noted that the comparison with Greece and Macedonia was not entirely tactful.

Recall, on July 3 there was an interview with Vashchikovsky, in which he points out that Ukraine and Poland share historical issues and that Warsaw intends to set conditions for Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

“Our message is very clear: you will not enter Bandera in Europe, we are talking about it loudly and quietly.” We will not repeat the mistakes of the 1990s, when certain cases in relations with Germany and Lithuania were not completed, I mean the status of the Polish Minorities in these countries, “Vashchikovsky said.

Also, Poland’s chief diplomat allowed himself to deprecately describe Ukraine’s European aspirations. “Having such experience, we will urgently demand that all matters be settled before Kiev is at the gate of Europe with a request for membership.” We will also be persistent, as, for example, Greece in relation to Macedonia in the name case, “Vashchikovsky .

And in the end he expressed the opinion that Ukrainians have a “naive conviction that Europeans, Germans, French will win for them a victory in the conflict with Russia.”