NATO said that the defense of the Alliance countries begins with Ukraine

Defense of the member countries of the North Atlantic alliance begins precisely with Ukraine. This was stated by the vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO Rasa Yukneviciene at the meeting of the organization in Tbilisi (Georgia), the press service of the BCP reports.

She stressed that not Ukraine should be grateful to the North Atlantic Alliance for support, and NATO should thank Ukraine, which actively implements European and democratic values ​​in the eastern expanses of the European Union.

“And we clearly realize that the protection of our countries begins with Ukraine, for which you are very grateful,” Yukneviciene noted, referring to Irina Friz, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the NATO PA.

Earlier, at a meeting of the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the head of the Ukrainian delegation, Irina Freese, gave the vice-president of the organization Rase Yuknyavichene an analytical report on Russia’s ties with terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Central Asia.