The Netherlands took an important step towards ratifying the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU

The Senate of the Netherlands (upper house of parliament) voted for the ratification of the Association Agreements between Ukraine and the EU.

This voting is one of the final stages of the ratification of the Agreement. After the current vote, the signature of the monarch that there is a head of state in the Netherlands, and the transfer of ratification documents to Brussels, the agreement still has to be formally approved by the EU Council.

The Netherlands is the only EU country that has not approved the agreement with Ukraine. The future of the document was in uncertainty after 61% of the participants in the referendum in April 2016 voted against the agreement with Ukraine. At the same time, more than 32% of voters took part in the referendum, thus, less than 19.7% of the Dutch voters decided the fate of the agreement.

In February, the lower house of parliament in the Netherlands voted to ratify the agreement. Before that, despite the results of last year’s referendum, the Dutch government achieved at the EU summit last December a resolution of the symbolic so-called “Brussels Declaration”, aimed at appeasing the critics of the agreement.