New York is concerned about the policy of Trump

New Yorkers are proud of their city, considering it the best in the world, writes the publication Politico, and they are not very interested in the “outside world”. However, recently they are increasingly talking about Putin and Russia. Or do they want us to get out of Syria, what to expect about Trump’s presidency, or do they expect Trump to lead to the elimination of NATO? – can be heard.

Now, New Yorkers are more like Kievans, suspecting that Putin is behind all the problems and that during the next four years Trump’s actions will be a reflection of Putin’s will.

Antiputin demonstrators are reminiscent of the behavior of some Ukrainians who, during football matches and political demonstrations, called Putin obscene words.
Although Ukrainians, who resist Russian aggression, have obvious reasons to despise Putin than, say, New Yorkers, the manifestations of this phenomenon are similar in both cities.

When the author, during a meeting with a friend enthusiastically spoke about the ability of the Russian leader to deal with the West, the reaction was the same as any signs of sympathy for Russia in Kiev – they say, a traitor.
The New Yorkers, like the Ukrainians, are stressed by the author of the article by Vijay Magshvari, they learned to blame Russians for everything bad in their life.

Now New Yorkers are watching with interest everything that concerns Putin, whether it’s an interview he gave to the leading NBC program, or something else. In New York, they want to know the “secrets of Putin,” they ask in Kyiv whether Trump will agree with Putin and whether the Ukrainians will not leave them to their fate.

After drinking, some New Yorkers, as the author writes, mostly Republicans, admit that they praise Putin’s leadership. Also, the author writes, sometimes Kyivites talk about the Moscow leader as a “strong leader”. It’s interesting that Peter Poroshenko, whose popularity level is not too high, is less popular in his country than Putin.

However, writes Vijay Magshvari, there are some big differences between Kiev and New York. To counteract Russian aggression and protect itself from propaganda, Ukraine banned some Russian television channels and Internet sites. Russian artists are not desirable in Ukraine, which has practically isolated itself from a big neighbor.

But in New York, we read in Politico, which has more than half a million Russian-speaking population, there are numerous Russian restaurants, performances of Russian ensembles. And although it is said about the intervention of Russians in the presidential elections, this did not turn into a dislike for the Russians themselves.
At the same time, the author emphasizes that if there was a direct conflict with Moscow, Washington could turn to Kiev for advice on how to protect itself from Russian influences.