Officially published DECISION visa requirements for UKRAINE

Official Journal of the European Union Yesterday, on May 22 issued a decision to abolish visa requirements for citizens of Ukraine. This writes the “true European”, citing its correspondent.

Changes to the list of countries whose citizens have the right to visa-free travel to the EU for a period of 90 days published in a special issue of the Official Journal – despite the fact that on Monday the publication on schedule did not come out.

Magazine – electronic publication that publishes all legislation before the entry into force – does not work on Mondays. The rules of OJ indicated that it publishes legislation “from Tuesday to Saturday.”

However, in case of delay publication of at least one Ukrainian visa-free day could not have come into force on June 11 – but this date was reported Ukrainian partners. Because of this decision for the Ukrainian made an exception, in order to comply with the political promises.

Ukrainian is the only solution contained in a special issue of OJ.

According to the published decision, visa-free travel of citizens of Ukraine to the EU to begin 20 days after official publication.

This means that on the night of June 11, citizens of Ukraine with biometric passports will be eligible for visa-free entry to EU countries and members of the Schengen area outside the European Union.