The parliament already has half the votes for the removal of parliamentary immunity

The text of the bill on the abolition of parliamentary immunity appeared on the parliament’s website, which was signed by 158 people’s deputies
Bill No. 6773 provides for the abolition of the first and third parts of Art. 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine. The point is that the following norms will disappear from the Basic Law:

– People’s deputies of Ukraine are guaranteed parliamentary immunity;

– People’s Deputies of Ukraine without the consent of the Verkhovna Rada can not be brought to criminal responsibility, detained or arrested.

If this bill is adopted, the people’s representatives only have indemnity – they do not bear legal responsibility for the results of voting or statements in the parliament and its bodies, except for the responsibility for insult or libel.

The law will have to enter into force on the day after its publication.

Recall, according to the Constitution of Ukraine initiate a change in it can either the president, or at least 150 deputies. The non-factional deputy Yuri Levchenko collected votes for the bill on the removal of immunity.

The adoption of amendments to the Constitution is necessary at two sessions and 300 votes.