In the parliament of Iran there is a shootout, there are victims

One person died as a result of a shootout near the Iranian parliament, eight victims
At least two people were injured as a result of a gunfight in the Mejlis building (Iran’s parliament), according to reports on the page of Iran’s Tasnim agency on Twitter.

According to initial data, the attack could have involved from one to three people.

At the same time, Tasnim notes that the Iranian security services have not yet confirmed the previously reported reports of the hostage-taking in the parliament. Also, it is not yet known whether the attacker was arrested.

In turn, other Iranian media reported that the attacker was alone and that he tried to break into the parliament building. After the shootout, which resulted in injuries to three people, including two government employees and one guard, the attacker fled the scene, the media write.

It is reported that at least one person was killed and eight were injured in a shootout near the Mejlis (parliament) of Iran in Tehran, Iranian TV channel “Press TV” reported.

According to the TV channel, the deceased is a guard of the parliament.

At the same time, Iranian TV reports shooting in the Khomeini mausoleum area south of Tehran.

Shooting takes place in the area of ​​the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, the Iranian state television reported on Wednesday.

There is information about the victims.

The Iranian English-language television channel “Press TV” reports that, according to some sources, Khomeini, who attacked the mausoleum, put the suicide belt into action.

The mausoleum of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, is located in the Beshekhte-Zahra cemetery south of Tehran.