All real estate in the world has risen in price to $ 228 trillion

Over the year, real estate in the world has risen by almost 5%

The total value of all real estate in the world is currently $ 228 trillion, Savills said.

It notes that in early 2016 this figure was $ 217 trillion.

“The increase in the cost of the objects has led to the aggregate increase to $ 228 trillion in fixed prices (+ 5% in real terms),” said Yolanda Barnes, director of the world research department at Savills.

According to the report, three quarters of the total value of world real estate falls on housing ($ 168.5 trillion). The materials indicate that over the past year the total value of commercial real estate grew faster (+ 7%) than the price of housing (+ 5%). According to experts, the value of this asset increased significantly faster than the price of all world bonds, but more slowly than the price of shares, which grew by 9% between the end of 2015 and the end of 2016.

As analysts say, global real estate is a more expensive asset than all shares, bonds and debt securities, the total value of which is $ 170 trillion.