Relations between the US and Cuba. Trump cancels the warming

The rules of travel of US citizens to Cuba will be complicated, but the Embassy in Havana opened with Obama will retain.

Make the rules of travel to Cuba for Americans harder and refuse to cooperate with Cuban companies that are controlled by the military – this was stated on June 16 by US President Donald Trump during his speech in Miami.

“With God’s help, we will soon get a free Cuba,” the American Republican president addressed the crowd.

Recall, precisely the predecessor of Trump – Democrat Barack Obama two years before the end of his presidential term, in December 2014, renewed diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Barack Obama was also the first US president in the last 88 years to visit this island country. During his visit to Cuba, Obama called the isolation of the country by the United States, lasting more than half a century, inefficient and not conducive to the establishment of a democratic, prosperous and stable Cuba.
About Donald Trump’s plans to partially abandon the program of “resetting” relations with Cuba Obama, the White House warned on the eve.

“We will not remain silent in the face of communist oppression,” Trump addressed the enthusiastic crowd in the Cuban-American area of ​​Miami – Little Havana. Among his listeners was also Republican senator Marco Rubio, who helped develop new US restrictions against Cuba.

At the same time, Trump still retained some of Obama’s achievements in the Cuban issue.