Residents of Puerto Rico voted to join the United States

Residents of Puerto Rico supported the accession of the island to the United States during the referendum. But this desire must be approved in the US Senate and President Donald Trump
Residents of Puerto Rico overwhelmingly voted in the referendum held on Sunday for joining the United States as the 51st state. This is reported by Radio Liberty.

This option was supported by almost half a million voters. Two other options in the bulletins – full sovereignty and preservation of the current status of the “associated with the US state”, respectively, collected 7600 and 6700 votes. The turnout was only 23%, which raises doubts about the legality of the results of the referendum, which a number of parties on the island called for boycotting.

The will of the people of the Caribbean island can become valid only if the results of voting are approved by a simple majority of both chambers of the US Congress and the incumbent president. As the Governor of Puerto Rico said, it would be strange if Washington, which upholds the principles of democracy around the world, will not follow them this time.

Between Puerto Rico and the United States there are long-standing close ties.

So, 100 years ago, Puerto Rican citizens were granted US citizenship, but they can not participate in the presidential elections and have the right to send only one representative to Congress, and even with limited powers. The inhabitants of the island do not pay federal income tax, at the same time, they receive less subsidies from the center than the regular states.