Russia is preparing to ban foreign Russian-language media

In Russia, another wave of creating a closed Internet – intranet. After obyazyvaniya all information resources with attendance of more than 3,000 people register as a media, and all foreign companies to keep data on the territory of, the Russian Federation began to develop the next stage.

Now on the agenda in the Light of the Federation, a bill on the blocking of Russian-language media that are not located on the territory of Russia and which are not registered in Russia as foreign agents.

Blocking such information resources will be Roskomnadzor.
Discussions of such measures are held within the framework of the Federation Council’s commission for the protection of Russian sovereignty and the fight against foreign interference.
Such measures, according to analysts, will significantly tighten censorship in Russia, as any media that cover the activity of Kremlin swindlers and who defend the principles of independent journalism will block. This will also increase the effect of propaganda, as the population will not be able to verify the authenticity of messages and information.