Most Russians support Putin’s policy in Ukraine

58% of the polled Russians said they were satisfied with the state of affairs in the country, 37% said the opposite

Russians highly appreciate President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy activities and more restrained his actions in domestic politics. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the American research center Pew Research Center, which were published on Tuesday, June 20.

58% of respondents said they were satisfied with the state of affairs in the country, 37% said the opposite. In 2014, these indicators were 56 and 36%, respectively.

The main problems in the country are the rise in prices (71%), the corruption of political leaders (58%), the lack of opportunities to find work (54%), terrorism (54%), the gap between the poor and the rich (53%), Crime (52%) and business corruption (50%).

A poor economic situation in Russia in 2015 was considered by 73% of Russians, now this opinion was expressed by 49%. Another 46% rated it at the moment as good.

The majority (55%) approve of Putin’s economic policy, as well as his actions in the field of energy and civil society. The only area in which he did not receive a positive assessment of the majority is the problem of corruption, sociologists say. His actions to combat it are approved by 49%, in 2015 this figure was 62%.

The majority of respondents (87%) said they were convinced of the correctness of Putin’s policy on the world stage, the opposite answer was given by 12% of respondents. 59% at the same time believe that Russia began to play a more significant role in the world arena than 10 years ago. Another 17% said the opposite, and 21% of respondents said that this figure remained unchanged.

Almost half of the respondents (46%) spoke in favor of Russia’s military operation in Syria continuing, 34% believe that it should be limited, 11% on the contrary believe that it should be expanded.

Respondents gave a lower estimate of Putin’s actions toward Ukraine than in 2014. Then his policy on this issue was approved by 83% of respondents, now – 63%.

The survey was conducted in Russia from February 18 to April 3, 2017, it was attended by 1002 people.