Terror as a norm of life in Europe?

After the terrorist attack in Manchester,  Europe  again conducts already familiar rituals, behind which hides its own helplessness. Felix Steiner asks if politicians are able to change something?

Now it’s Manchester. Again a terrorist attack in the heart of the European metropolis. Again an attack on people who just wanted to rest a little and have fun. Again attack of the suicide bomber. And again, the so-called “Islamic state” takes responsibility for suicidal terror even before the police could establish the identity of the attacker.

Choosing the target of the terrorist act this time is especially terrible: a concert star, popular among teenagers. Therefore, among the victims there are so many children and minors. Those who remember their youthful years, or those who now have children of adolescence, know how exciting is for them such a musical evening. With what joy and enthusiasm they return after the concert. But they fall into the hands of a cruel murderer … No terrorist target in the world can justify such atrocities. How much should the attacker be a sick person in order to consciously choose such victims?

Already routine fear and panic

Terrorist acts cause a sense of deja vu. The headlines are filled with already familiar phrases: “The Chronology of Terror”, “What is known about the terrorist act” and the like. To this and a lot of ridiculous, eyewitness accounts. “People shouted loudly and ran away.” And what else could they do? “Everywhere was scattered shoes.” It’s logical, because this generation considers shoelaces old fashioned. And there are countless reactions from the world of music and politics, which like and want to show their empathy, but they are already issued routine and familiar. Since the morning on Twitter, people have expressed sympathy for the victims and relatives. And all the civilized nations of the world have side by side on the side of Great Britain.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris extinguished its lights on Tuesday evening. In the morning it will be shown on all TV channels. And then, as the British Prime Minister visits the scene of the incident and a memorial service for those killed in Manchester.

All this means that Europe, which became the target of Islamic terrorists, has already developed certain routine routines that follow the first shock from the terrorist attack. And these rituals have to cover up the fact that there is no simple and quick and effective response to the challenge of terrorism and will not be found.
So, if nothing happened shopping centers for football or church.

Sediment, of course, will remain, but no one refuses plans. And all because people have already reconciled themselves to the fact that terrorism has become the norm of life. Right-wing extremists see this as a manifestation of weakness and continue to call for the expulsion of all Muslims from Europe. But all others see this as a manifestation of strength and steadfastness, because people do not allow terrorism to intimidate or subordinate themselves.

Still, politicians can do a lot more. There are different options for action. For example, increased control or, if necessary, the closure of all prayer houses, where terrorists are radicalized. Such places are scattered all over Europe. Or there is a pragmatic example of Donald Trump: in Riyadh on Sunday he concluded an agreement with 50 leaders of states, and first of all with the King of Saudi Arabia, to prevent direct and indirect financing of the “Islamic state” in their countries. This may not be enough to prevent a terrorist attack on European cities. Time will tell. But it’s more reasonable than not doing anything or stupidly bombing cities in the Middle East, where, of course, civilians also live.