Trump accused Germany of insufficient funding for NATO

President of the United States Donald Trump repeated accusations against Germany that she does not pay her fair share in the budget NATO. He did this three days after the meeting with the Chancellor of Germany, which, according to the White House statement, was useful.

“They pay significantly less than they owe to NATO and military needs. Very bad for the United States. It will change, “Trump said on Tuesday on the Twitter network.
After the recent G7 summit in Sicily, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “The times when we could fully rely on others end, I found out about it in the last few days.”

However, on Tuesday Merkel found out that she remains committed to strong ties between the US and Germany.

“Our transatlantic relationship remains extremely important,” she said. “And the statement I made or that I said recently is connected with the fact that in the face of current circumstances, we have additional reasons to realize that we must take our destiny into our own hands in Europe.”

Merkel, among other European leaders, sharply criticized Trump’s decision at the G-7 summit in Sicily for refusing to express support for the Paris Agreement of 2015 on combating climate change Changes. Merkel said that the agreement on climate change is so important that there can be no compromise on this.