Trump returns the lost position of the United States in the Middle East

US President Donald Trump tries to correct Barack Obama’s mistakes and improve the shaky positions of US in the Middle East.

Oleg Belokolos, expert of the “Maidan of Foreign Affairs”, assessed the stay of the American president in Saudi Arabia. This foreign visit of Trump is for him the first as president of the United States.
After Saudi Arabia, Trump must visit Israel, the Vatican, as well as take part in the summit of the G7 leaders in Sicily in Italy and then in the NATO meeting in Brussels.<

And about Ukraine, Trump’s administration will remember cooperating with Russia, the expert said.
– The priority problem for US foreign policy is still the North Korean nuclear program, which once again launched the missile. The second question, which Trump spoke about a lot during his election campaign, is the struggle against the “Islamic state”. We also saw that we are talking about signing serious contracts for the supply of military equipment from the United States to Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia is filled with quite positive results for the US military-industrial complex. That is, while it all looks quite positive for consolidating the US position in this region. Since during the previous administration the position of the United States in the Middle East was very weak.

– And why did it happen? – what mistakes were made, what should President Trump look to?

– I just remember how, in his time, President Obama began with a speech at the University of Cairo and said that the US wants to establish a new dialogue with the Muslim, Arab world. None of this did not work out. Obama did not understand that radical Islamists hate the US not because they pursue a certain policy. They hate the US simply because they exist. Perhaps people from the Trump administration have a certain understanding in this regard and they realize that one should oppose some real force. Let’s see how it all unfolds. There are so many challenges in the foreign policy sphere for Tampa, there are so many tasks that will not be easy for him. Indeed, at home, he unfolds well-known events that will weaken his position in the international arena.

– Countering extremist groups like the “Islamic state”, the problem of provocative actions of the DPRK, the war in Syria … will Ukraine be lost among these international problems for the administration of Donald Trump?

– The US position regarding Ukraine will be seen through the prism of relations with Russia. Trump, the United States will try to use certain contacts in Russia to solve its problems. They will not solve Putin’s problems, they will solve their problems. And if Russia cooperates, then they will use these opportunities. If not, the relationship will change in a certain way. Ukraine, on the other hand, needs to promote its vision in Washington and among Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps, it is worthwhile to talk somewhere with American business, to involve it in Ukraine. That the US had more weighty interests in Ukraine.