In Ukraine, the citizenship of Saakashvili was revoked

The President of Georgia (2004-2013), the former chairman of the Odessa State Administration (2015-2016) in Ukraine, was stripped of his citizenship, did this in the same way as his associate Sasha Borovik.

According to the migration service, Mikheil Saakashvili provided unreliable data at the time of obtaining citizenship, which he received on the same day with the appointment to the post of chairman of the State Administration.

It should be noted that after the resignation from the post of head of the State Administration, to which Saakashvili began to prepare after the support of the Poroshenko Bloc by the pro-Russian candidate for mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, Saakashvili began active opposition activities to the Poroshenko regime And created its political platform, which was supposed to unite disparate opposition pro-European forces.

The idea of ​​Saakashvili’s nomination for the post of prime minister has often sounded, but the oligarchic system, in alliance with the former “regionalals,” was not ready for such a revolutionary development of events.
Today, Saakashvili delivered a video message from the United States, in which he noted that Poroshenko was miscalculating with him on a pair with Gazprom’s Russian shareholder Ivanishvili. He also stated that he has no other citizenship other than Ukrainian and does not agree to refugee status in Ukraine.
Saakashvili criticized the last Poroshenko’s trip to Georgia, where he joined a criminal union to deprive Saakashvili of influence on Ukrainian society and create barriers to participation in the next election company where Saakashvili already has a party Great support.

Mikheil Saakashvili said that he is under the same pressure as any ordinary Ukrainian who is without right in relations with the prosecutor’s and bureaucratic gang.

The reaction of international observers to depriving Saakashvili of Ukrainian citizenship

It is worth noting that many were puzzled by the information that Poroshenko issued a decree annulling Saakashvili’s citizenship.
Thus, France Presse notes that Poroshenko, one year before the election, removed from his political system his most powerful competitor, an unbiased fighter against corruption and lawlessness. CNN reported that “it is very difficult to understand” Poroshenko’s actions on depriving citizenship of an ardent critic of the Kremlin.
Some observers note that Poroshenko was already aware that a number of criminal cases were initiated in Georgia on Saakashvili. Also, some analysts say that Saakashvili should say thank you for not being killed, as has been happening in Ukraine lately.
Some also believe that Poroshenko continues to implement the decisions taken in the Kremlin to shake up the events in Ukraine before the parliamentary elections in which pro-Russian parties will try to get revenge against impunity for the support of separatism.

Coincidence or not, but Donald Trump, Saakashvili’s friend, also launched an attack on the Poroshenko regime, accusing Ukraine of creating obstacles to his election campaign.