In Ukraine, it is proposed to introduce mandatory for all declaring income and expenses

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the revenue declaration system “will not actually be implemented”
The statement of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman

The Ministry of Finance proposes to introduce a universal declaration of individuals on income and expenditure. It is also proposed to switch to tax control using indirect methods for matching income and expenditures of citizens. This is evidenced by the presentation of the budget resolution for the next three years, which was published yesterday by the Ministry of Finance.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said today that the government does not really intend to initiate the introduction of a universal mandatory declaration of income and expenditure for individuals.

“This was a permanent proposal in each resolution to launch the program, an income declaration system.In projects, such decisions were, we did not approve them by the government, that is, in fact this system will not be implemented,” Groysman said.

In addition, according to the presentation, the Cabinet proposes starting from 2018 to introduce a single account for paying taxes and fees, as well as to proceed to submission of unified reporting on ERUs and personal income tax, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Priorities for the next year are also the creation of the Financial Investigation Service, the implementation of the BEPS action plan in tax legislation and the efficiency of tax administration. Also gradually, the government intends to bring the excise tax rates on tobacco products closer to the level envisaged by the directive with the European Union.