Ukraine will introduce biometric control for foreigners

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, chaired by the President, initiates the introduction of biometric control for foreigners when crossing the state border of Ukraine. This is reported on the president’s website.

“We are talking about strengthening control over the entry and exit and stay of citizens of other states on the territory of Ukraine – we introduce biometric control for all citizens who cross the Ukrainian border,” the press- Service of the word Poroshenko.

“We need to remove biometric data, including fingerprints, digital photos, which will greatly enhance our ability to fight terrorism,” Poroshenko said.

He expressed confidence that the prepared draft decisions will find a clear understanding and support in society.

Poroshenko noted that his instructions for the preparation of the relevant draft documents have been fulfilled. He added that at the NSDC meeting on Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Border Service will provide information on this issue. “We will take the necessary amount of time to ensure that the country is prepared for quality, so that respectable citizens do not feel any inconvenience,” stressed Poroshenko.

The President noted that the necessary funds for the State Border Service should be allocated in order for it to be able to ensure the implementation of this decision technically.

He appealed to the Minister of the Interior with a request to take the execution of the decision under personal control so that border guards at all major border crossings were provided with the necessary equipment for fixing biometric data. >

In addition, for citizens of the Russian Federation, who plan to enter Ukraine, a pre-registration mechanism will be introduced from next year. This was during a briefing said Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchinov.

“An appropriate technical infrastructure is being created at all points of the state border crossing, which should be earned no later than early next year.” The electronic system for pre-registration will be implemented for Russian citizens, “he said. .

“That is, a citizen of the Russian Federation wishing to arrive on the territory of Ukraine must register in advance and provide the Foreign Ministry with the necessary data that will be determined by the Foreign Ministry,” added Turchinov.

According to him, there is also a requirement to register citizens of the Russian Federation who are on the territory of Ukraine at the place of their temporary stay. “And it also introduces the need to provide information about movement through the territory of Ukraine,” he said.
Turchynov also said that at the border will pass a pass “on biometric passports.” “It also removes biometric data (fingerprints) for citizens of other countries and stateless persons, except for countries with which Ukraine has relevant agreements, that is, it is clear that this will primarily concern Russian citizens,” he said. P>

Also, the National Security and Defense Council instructed the Cabinet, the SBU and the National Bank to make proposals on the expansion of the sanctions list in the near future. This was stated at a briefing on Monday by NSDC Secretary Alexander Turchinov. “We instructed the Cabinet, the SBU and the National Bank to submit proposals to the NSDC meeting on expanding the sanctions list in the near future,” he said.

This decision was made because of the expansion of sanctions by the US and the European Union. “As soon as initiators of the introduction of sanctions make proposals, the NSDC will approve them,” Turchinov added.
As you know, on June 16, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree that enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to update the list of sanctions against a number of Russian companies, including Aeroflot, VKontakte, and VKontakte. “Classmates”, the company “Yandex” and others.