Ukraine will need decades to join the EU

Despite the fact that part of its obligations in the process of European integration Ukraine has fulfilled, it still faces obstacles on the way to EU membership . This idea is expressed by the Wall Street Journal commentator Simon Nixon.

According to the author,

“But behind the warm words there were real reasons for concern,” – says the columnist.

In particular, Nixon drew attention to the fact that the summit ended without a final joint declaration of world leaders consolidating Ukraine’s desire to become a member of the EU in the long term.
According to the author, this should not bother Kyiv in the short term, as it will continue to receive technical and financial support from Brussels to implement democratic reforms. In the end, everyone agrees that Ukraine will need “years or decades” to join the EU, the author points out.
However, Ukrainian officials are concerned about the lack of long-term membership prospects, according to the Wall Street Journal columnist. The reason is that the conflict in the east of the country, complicated the implementation of reforms.

“Russia seems to be set to” increase the cost “of the program of Ukrainian reforms, its attempts to destabilize the situation in the Donbass, as well as permanent cyber attacks on the Ukrainian government, keep investors at a distance and Create an additional burden on the state budget, “- says the author.

Finally, he adds that despite all this, Kiev managed to achieve success on the path of reform. And in order to maximize the positive effect, the EU should find a way to “reduce the political value” of Ukrainian reforms.

Earlier it was reported that former Prime Minister of Lithuania called on the West To activate for Ukraine an analog of the Plan of the Marshal .