Despite the economic crisis in Ukraine, the interest of foreigners in real estate in this country has by no means diminished. The housing market is now in decline, so many potential investors do not mind buying at fairly low prices.

Demand for real estate is supported by the weakening of the hryvnia exchange rate and migration within the country (due to military operations in the Donbass). So, because of the fall of the hryvnia, many Ukrainians hastened to withdraw their savings from bank deposits and invest them in real estate. And the greatest recovery was observed in the economy segment: those who saved up for an apartment of a higher class, now prefer to buy housing even if cheaper, but soon. However, the premium segment also began to come out of the stupor.

Nevertheless, the growing demand can not always find an adequate supply. For example, now those who purchase real estate in Kiev, first of all, appreciate the uniqueness: buyers are no longer interested in typical panel houses with a monotonous layout and standard architecture. But there are not so many such objects in the capital yet.
The competition between developers is also growing. In Kiev for the next 2 years, more than a hundred construction projects are planned: the houses will be built in whole blocks. Because of this activity, pricing, of course, will change, and competition will become more intense. For the same reason, former developers who do not want to change either the price policy or construction projects are forced to leave the market, failing to withstand the onslaught of competitors.
But foreign developers are just starting to enter Ukraine more actively, as for them now the cost of construction projects, including the purchase of land, has reached the minimum mark. According to analysts, the real estate market has already reached the bottom, and there will be no further decline. Stagnation will last 2-3 years, after which gradual growth will begin. This means that now it is profitable for construction companies to develop a business, and buyers – to buy housing, while prices have not yet risen.

Analysts calculated that the benefit for investors who invest in the construction now and after a year or two will bring the sale objects, will be able to get the maximum profit in the perspective of five years.

Interest in the real estate sector among foreign investors increased after the coming to power in Ukraine of new political forces. There was a hope that the bureaucracy will decrease, and it will be easier to obtain permits for construction. So, the companies from the USA, Great Britain have already started realizing their construction projects, the developers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Lithuania are coming in plans. The investment of each of these companies is at least $ 5 million.

It is interesting that the reasons why western and eastern investors come to Ukraine are different. If Western companies are primarily interested in political changes in the country, the eastern (for example, the Turkish) are not shy to say that they came to a weakened market, which in the future should grow. Accordingly, European and American developers are guided by the premium sector, and the eastern ones are oriented towards the economy sector, where housing is not of the highest quality, but cheaper and faster.

Another direction in the development of the real estate market in Ukraine is private investment from individuals. There are people who want to buy a small piece of land in a prestigious area and build a club-type house on it.
When selling land, preference is given to short-term investors who are trying to enter the market during its recession, to build objects during stagnation and to sell them during the recovery period. Most often it is investment in economy-class housing, which yields a profitability in the region of 30-40% per year. In Kiev, not only clean plots, but also former factories and plants in residential areas, mainly on the right bank of the Dnieper, are considered as land objects for development.
By the way, foreign investors in every possible way avoid partnership with local business. The fault is the bad reputation of Ukrainian companies.

With regard to the proposal, on the one hand, in Kiev there are such construction sites that can be sold now, but on the other hand the cost of such land is often at times overstated. At the same time, such plots often have a bad history, which also complicates the process of making transactions on them.

Now there is a growing demand for elite sites in the center of Kiev for the construction of expensive housing. The price of land in such areas is about 50 thousand dollars per hundred square meters. In the sleeping areas the situation is different. Here the cost of land is determined by the potential of the land – that is, by how much living space it can be built on. If it is a question of apartment buildings, the price is 10-15 thousand dollars, and if about spot development – up to 25 thousand. In any case, investors