In the United States are going to impose a ban on Muslim travel

President Donald Trump called on the US Supreme Court to authorize the ban on the entry of six Muslim citizens into the United States.

The president and his administration insist that his decree limiting travel to the United States was not a ban, he called it on Twitter on Monday.

People, lawyers and courts can call it what they want, but I call it as needed and what it is – a travel ban. ”

In another note, the president wrote: “The Ministry of Justice should ask for an immediate hearing on the case of a relaxed travel ban in front of the Supreme Court and demand a more decisive version!”
Several American ships have blocked Trump’s decree against the entry of Iranian, Syrian, Libyan, Sudanese, Yemeni, and Somali citizens into the United States. The courts, in part, ruled that the president’s comments on Islamic terrorism and one call for a complete ban on Muslims to enter the US indicate religiously motivated discrimination. Then the president appealed to the Supreme Court that he quash the decision of the lower court.

In a number of “Tweets” on Sunday, Trump expressed support for the United Kingdom, the “target” of the United Kingdom, criticized the mayor of London and took a decisive stance on the fight against terrorism.