US ignored the security zones created by Russia in Syria

Syria condemned the attack of the coalition forces led by the  United States  on the position of the Syrian government troops, which resulted in the death of several people and caused material damage.

Syrian officials said that air strikes that occurred near the border with Jordan hamper the efforts of the Syrian troops and their allies in the fight against the “Islamic state.” Russia, an ally of the Syrian government, called air strikes against government military positions “unacceptable.”
On Thursday, US officials said that coalition planes raided Syrian government forces violating the zone of de-escalation, where special forces train Syrian rebels.

Major General Josh Jacques, spokesman for the US Central Command, told the Voice of America that the government of Asadov established a convoy to the northwest of the Al-Tanf base of Syrian tanks, bulldozers, armored vehicles, Artillery and technical units and began to establish positions for their tanks.

A few hours later, coalition forces sent planes there and missed nearby Syrian forces, but they continued to remain in their positions. & Nbsp; Coalition forces also used a special hotline that was installed between The United States and Russia, to make sure that Russians can induce them to leave the area. However, several probable attempts by Russians have not brought any change, he added.

“After that, we could not do anything else,” Jacques said. “They had every opportunity to leave the area.” According to the statement, American aircraft hit one tank and two bulldozers.