US President “poured” media and politicians

The coverage of the US president’s work in the US media is prejudiced and reflects the prevailing opinion among professional journalists, also shared by supporters of the US Democratic Party that ¬†Donald Trump ¬†is not a legitimate president, does not correspond to his position and must be removed from power in any way.

This is in the <strong> The Washington Times, which is sympathetic to the US president, writes Stephen Presser, honorary professor at the Pritzker School of Law.

Trump’s efforts to manage the country at every turn are opposed by the hostile press and the political opposition, which seem to be trying to destroy it and disrupt the embodiment of his election promises, “writes Presser.

The author is convinced that the world has witnessed the deliberate obstruction of the president by the media. As evidence, Presser points out that on the eve of the elections, 90% of employees of media opposed Trump. Presser also notes that most scandalous accusations against the US president are based on anonymous sources (which makes it impossible to verify them), and the media themselves at the same time refuse to take for granted any official explanations provided by the White House.

“Perhaps what we are seeing – no matter what you call it – insanity, fever, hysteria – is a manifestation of a fundamental disagreement about what the government should do. objectively assess the situation, leading to misunderstanding, and now threatens the functioning of the government, “- says Presser .

In his opinion, the heavy criticism of Trump is a manifestation of principle, at the level of basic ideas about the role and mission of the state in America, the disagreement of part of the US political elite and the media with the president about what In principle, the authorities must deal with.
“Mr. Trump and his supporters believe that the government’s role is to protect the basic economic rights of citizens, as well as to support the initiative, in order to allow maximum freedom to market mechanisms, to reduce taxes, The opponents of Trump, in particular his criticism in the media, in the state apparatus, among professors, among judges, believe that the work of the government in general, and especially of the federal government, is to change the common legal norms for the sake of protecting minorities, to certain hitherto been victims of discrimination, to redistribute economic resources and implement central planning of the economy “, – said Presser .
The author also stressed that the US president received a convincing mandate from voters to implement his reform plan and should get a chance to introduce it.
Npomnim that Donald Trump, during the US presidential election, won by more than 2 million. Fewer votes than his rival Hillary Clinton