The USA offered Russia to resume cooperation on Syria

Trump Administration resumed its offer to cooperate in the Syrian conflict

The United States of America (USA) offered the Russian Federation (RF) to resume cooperation on the conflict in Syria. This is reported by AP.

“The Trump administration on Wednesday renewed its offer to cooperate with the Russian Federation in the Syrian conflict, including on military issues, ahead of the meeting of President Donald Trump with Russian leader Vladimir Putin this week,” the report said.

According to the publication, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the United States is open for the creation of no-fly zones in Syria in coordination with the Russian Federation, and intend to create a joint mechanism for monitoring the ceasefire and delivering humanitarian aid. Thus, Tillerson stressed that the United States and Russia have many unresolved differences, but this is a chance for the two countries to create stability in Syria. He added that the “Islamic state” was “seriously wounded” and is probably on the “verge of total defeat”, as US-backed forces continue their offensive against the self-proclaimed capital of terrorists Rakku. Tillerson noted that Russia should play a constructive role.

Recall earlier reported that the United States presented at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the draft resolution on strengthening sanctions against the DPRK, Russia opposed.