Weak position on Russia destroys the ratings of the Democratic Party of the United States

The Americans do not share the media’s interest in the ties of Donald Trump with Russia, and the attention of the US Democratic Party to this issue only hinders it. This was in an interview with the MSNBC channel, Senator Democrat Chris Murphy said.

Commented on the background of the extremely painful for the Democratic Party defeat in the Congressional elections from the state of Georgia. The candidate from the party, despite the record financial injections into the election campaign, was unable to defeat the candidate from the Republican Party.
This event prompted many political analysts in the United States to talk about the fact that the attention the Democratic Party pays to investigating the contacts of Trump’s election headquarters with Russia during the presidential elections not only does not give the party dividends , And even harms, because it distances it from the pressing problems of Americans.

“The fact that we spent so much time on Russia only distracted us from what is the real difference between the democrats and the political program of President Trump, namely, the economy,” – Murphy said.

“Democrats should be hyper-focused on a clear signal to voters that the Republican Party program contributes only to millionaires and billionaires, and Democrats in return want an economic growth that will positively affect every American,” he said. Senator-Democrat.

The American politician also stressed that even the voters of his own state do not show interest in topics that the US media are paying enormous attention to.

“When I get back from Washington to Connecticut, I just get on the bus and talk to people who do not belong to the politically active segment for an hour, do not write to me at I can say that they never raise issues like Russia, news on the leading channels, but they talk about wages, education, security, “said Chris Murphy.

Murphy himself for a long time moved in the general fairway of the mood of the Democratic Party and actively drew attention to reproaches about the alleged links between US President Donald Trump and Russia.
For a long time, critics of the Democratic Party have noticed that the insistence of this political force on allegedly illegal contacts of the Trump team with Russia is the only consolidating factor for the party that is actually immersed in a deep crisis. The latter triggered the “drain” of popular Senator Bernie Sanders at the level of democratic primaries, which preceded the nomination of an official candidate from the party in the presidential elections, as well as behind-the-scenes agreements of the leaders culled from the WikiLeaks website. As the commentators note, the party has not yet demonstrated the ability to formulate a political program and put forward a single leader who would become an alternative to Trump.