The White House supported new sanctions against Russia

The White House supported a new package of sanctions against Russia and Iran, but criticized the bill under consideration in the US Congress because of “limiting the powers of the president.”
Washington supported a new package of sanctions against Russia and Iran, although they criticized the bill, which is currently being considered in the Congress. According to Mark Short, White House Legislative Director, on July 11, the project provides more power to Congress proper, but at the same time restricts the US president in easing or lifting sanctions against governments in Moscow and Tehran. On June 15, the bill was approved by the US Senate.

“Our concern is that the bill, in our opinion, creates an unusual precedent for the delegation of powers on foreign policy issues to 585 members of Congress, while there are no exceptions to national security – exceptions that were always part of the sanction laws,” Short said. . Together with this, he stressed that the new sanctions themselves are supported by the White House.

Officials of the Ministry of Finance and the US State Department met last week with representatives of the White House responsible for relations with the parliament to express their concern at the review of the bill in Congress. In the opinion of the officials, the provisions of the law under discussion may impair the executive powers of the president.

The initiative on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia was introduced to the US Congress on July 8 by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Ed Royce. He accused Russia of violating the arms control treaty, which, he said, carries a threat to stability around the world. The Congressman proposed to amend the Law on National Security for 2018 on the amendment, which deals with the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (AAAS) of 1987, which, according to Royce, Russia violates.